by Heather Perry

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released May 19, 2015

Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Brian Cook

All sounds by Heather Perry except:

Drums on "Aviatrix" by Heather Perry and Brian Cook
Guitar on "Transatlantic" by Jeff Kelley
Drums on "Copper" by Carlos J. Zapata

Thank you Brian, Jeff, Carlos, Sierra Dufault, Dav Yendler, Mikey Rioux, Celeste Neuhaus, Alison Rhoades, and Lindsay Weinberg.



all rights reserved


Heather Perry Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Aviatrix

since the best one left all the stars went out
so I go it alone
count my thorns and I run my mouth
try to take myself home

place I'm from, a straight line only brings you back around to where you are
wanna find a sweetness born from nothing but the effort of my arms

I could show you something so true
I could show you wildest blue

bruised lip dress rip belly acher
I'm still walking away
I need a co-cloud-junkie-pilot-mischief-maker to
keep my sorrows at bay, yeah

you can ease my troubles honey even when they number 99
clear away the rubble til I'm on my feet and counting common time

I could show you something so true
I could show you wildest blue

fly with me honey, I'm an aviatrix
bodies in the sky and we'll do it for kicks
gonna take you higher than a two-star fix
fly with me honey, I'm an aviatrix
Track Name: Transatlantic

I know just what to do
pull like taffy
I'll tear my heart in two

I'll pin one half to Newfoundland and the other to Paris
send myself a telegram to race across the great big sea

swallowed by the stars
swallowed by the waves
fall right through the mirror
see how my heart behaves

fate or failure what gets more ink
do I give one fuck what the killjoys think

far behind me
a most attractive cage
the horizon
is just an empty page

I'm the mermaid on the front of the ship
I'm the captain in the cabin
let the talkers have their talk
I'm myself whatever happens
Track Name: M'aidez

Running north and south
Track Name: Copper

what was started with conduction ended in corrosion
rusted light into the sky and salt into the ocean
see the elements succumb to bittersweet persuasion
taste the copper on my tongue
love's abrasions have polished it to shine

circuits and soldered wire
watch the red and gold conspire
brightening with the heat
to defer lightning

what was started with illusion ended in erosion
escape the labor of the stillness, hide behind the motion
the lure of metal can obscure the hazards of extraction
taste the copper on my tongue
chain reaction, a reluctant decline

what was started with conduction ended in corrosion
salt into the ocean, light into the sky